Jacqueline Kangley never thought she would be a handbag designer, but she was desperate.  As desperate as you can be when you live on Maui and help run a luxury hotel.  Jacqueline KangleySure, it’s fun settling an argument between Tupac and Suge Knight over who deserves the better room of the Presidential Suite.  But once you’ve argued the difference between an ocean view and a partial ocean view room for the millionth time, you get a little desperate.

Yes, Jacqueline was desperate.  Desperate for a change.  Desperate for an outlet for her creativity.  Desperate women do desperate things.  Like believe friends when they say, “I love the bag you made.  You should sell them.”  Like quit a great job to do just that.  Like call the 1-800 information to get the number for the Barneys buyer and go to the meeting armed with only three bags and a smile.  Like write that first order on a sheet of notebook paper.

People started buying the bags.  Unbridled enthusiasm was unleashed.  Jacqueline learned unbridled enthusiasm can make you more reckless than desperation had.  It makes you accept orders when you have no means of production.  It makes you jump on a plane and fly to Bali with someone you barely know because they say, “that’s where the handbag weavers live.”

And that’s how Jacqueline Kangley Handbags was born.  Now there is rarely desperation but always, always, unbridled enthusiasm.  Now, Jacqueline lives in New England.  (In a moment of unbridled enthusiasm she returned home to CT and married her adorable blind date.)  Now she designs bags that combine classic East Coast style with some Hawaiian aloha mixed in.  She hopes when you’re desperate for a beautiful handbag, you’ll respond to her bags with unbridled enthusiasm!